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Katy Wehr gives Gospel women a voice: Christ's mother. His aunt. His followers. Women He taught and healed.  A notorious woman held up as an example. The one to whom He first revealed that He is "the Resurrection and the Life." With the help of gifted musicians Spencer Capier, Miles Foxx Hill and Calum Rees, Katy Wehr brings these stories to life with vibrancy and pure melodic vocals.



These songs are collaborations with cellists Catriona Day and Julia Stewart, and use chant and classical traditions to explore biblical passages. "Shema" is in Hebrew and English, "Love Your Enemies" is in English, and "John the Baptist" is in Greek and English.

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Katy Wehr's The Smell of Rain (2005) and In Others Words (2008) were both produced by Spencer Capier and cover a range of themes and folk styles.  The Smell of Rain leans toward Americana folk and the songs take the listener on a journey from struggle to resolution and hope.  In Others' Words has a Celtic flavor and explores the idea of music as conversation by setting others' prayers or poems to music or by writing songs from someone else's perspective.


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